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Superfood Sushi in Newtown – Vegan Sushi

I’m sure that if you like sushi and keep up with vegan news, you have heard of the opening of Superfood Sushi in Newtown last year.

superfood sushi

I’ve been to Superfood Sushi in Newtown twice now, and really like the food, though I have only had different sushi, miso soup and beverages.

miso soup

It’s most definitely not your normal sushi and it tastes quite ‘healthy’, but in a very good way. I like that you can get all kinds of different vegan sushi, not just your normal avocado maki or inari, and you also don’t have to worry about any hidden mayonnaise.

super food sushi menu

All ingredients are carefully selected, a lot of which are organic, to create healthy food.

What the owners, Pepe and Guy, say about Superfood Sushi:

“Superfood is a term now synonymous with a healthier lifestyle. Superfoods are a unique category of foods that pack a lot of punch for their weight being low in GI and calories and super charged in anti- oxidants and nutrients . They are powerful enough to lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. On top of all that you get to be in a better mood.”

Compared to other sushi places, it’s on the pricey side, but I find what they offer is quite filling so it’s not too bad.

The restaurant itself is super small – it has a bit of an industrial design in my opinion, with a bit of wood and a few colourful elements.

I don’t find it to be a good spot for a date night or anything fancy, rather a place to go to for a quick and tasty lunch or snack.

My ratings:

Food: 4/5

The sushi was really yum and I loved the different combinations they offer. The miso soup on the other hand was really lacking flavour I thought, even though it looked great and had all the normal ingredients.

vegan superfood sushi

Service: 3/5

Everyone there was very friendly, but I’ve never felt that they were particular professional or that helpful – nice enough though. You know how sometimes you go to places just because the waiters are so nice? This is not the one.

 Ambience: 3/5

As I said above, it’s not that lovely inside, but it definitely isn’t awful either. I appreciate that they offer blankets if you sit outside to keep you warm.

Menu: 4/5

This is a tricky one to rate. They have a pretty cool drink selection, mostly organic healthy drinks and have both cold and hot beverages. The food menu on the other hand isn’t that extensive, and if you go here regularly,  you will have eaten through the menu after the 3rd visit. You can get yummy snacks at the counter as well, even some small desserts.

Value for money: 4/5

I didn’t think I would leave filling full, but I totally did. That’s what whole grains do to you! It still is more expensive than a regular sushi place, but you get amazing ingredients here that are so good for you, therefore I think it justifies the price.

Overall rating: 18/25

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